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Eurovision finalists 2016 – Complete Guide

May 14, 2016

Eurovision Final Guide

Now Belgium is not particularly silly.  Just linguistically clumsy

On a lighter note, see the Czech Republic’s offering…

Meanwhile, here’s the Netherlands…

Far, far more conventional is Azerbaijan

And Hungary

Italy offers a bit more solemnity…

In the meantime, here is Israel:

Bulgaria ponder the criminalisation of love itself.

Looking very vulnerable and appealing is Sweden

Here’s Germany.

Amir, from France, seems rather more confident.

Here, on the other hand, is Poland.

Australia, bizarrely, are back…

Offering not much light relief is Cyprus

Here’s Serbia, in case you were wondering…

If, in the meantime,  you want to watch an implausible love story involving a sex worker from Vilnius – try Lithuania’s entry…

And Croatia

And Russia…

On the other hand, there’s Spain…

And here’s cheery Latvia,

Or, if you favour a keening wail of historical pain and suffering – here’s Ukraine…

Someone else who doesn’t look cross at all is Malta’s representative  –

You may (indeed should) prefer Georgia.

Here’s Austria by the way…

Unmemorably, the UK.  (Next year in Welsh?)

Here, finally, is Armenia.


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