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Iceland’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

May 10, 2016


I suppose our chief concern has to be the following…. if Greta Salóme does not, in fact, win Eurovision, will her dark and vengeful sorcery consume the whole of Westeros?

You know that bit where Melisandre gives birth to a sort of powdery black smoke demon that goes on to assassinate Renly Baratheon?  Something like that is going on in this performance video.


There’s a kind of bracing energy to this approach to Eurovision.  When you’re rendered sated and cynical by bland vagueries about Love and Hope and Courage and Peace and Blah and Blah and Blah – there’s something about an icy dose of sheer Nordic terror that goes down a treat.

The lyrics are suitably disturbing also, repeatedly referencing “they”.  “They” are variously whispering, howling and (most disturbingly) “coming home”.  Listening to Greta, it’s easy to believe that Iceland in particular but perhaps Europe in general has been merely borrowed by forgetful humans from a race so ancient that they have no name and no purpose other than to reclaim what was always really theirs.

Quite frankly, in case of an ultimate showdown – I question the strength of Greta’s commitment to the Human Race.


More disturbingly, perhaps the return of the repressed by this dark and passionate ballad represents the old order of crooked bankers and compliant politicians that we thought those brave Icelanders had dealt with so decisively?  Perhaps (oh please God no), the black magic refers to International Capital, as it seeks to replant its flag of conquest upon the rooftops of Reykjavik?

But no black magic could be that dark, surely?


Not keen on Icelandic black magic?  Here are a few other options…

  1. Finland’s idea of “Girl Power”.

Finland’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

  1. And Greece

  1. And Moldova

  1. And Freddie from Hungary

  1. And Croatia

  1. Meanwhile, here’s the Netherlands…

  1. Here’s Armenia

  1. San Marino – folks…

  1. And Russia…
  2. On a lighter note, see the Czech Republic’s offering…

  1. But here, from the Island of Love itself come some uncharacteristically mean and moody Cypriots

  1. Here’s Austria by the way…

  1. More chillingly, here is Estonia

  1. Far, far more conventional is Azerbaijan

  1. More interesting than Montenegro anyhow…

  1. Meanwhile, I found Bosnia and Herzegovina somewhat intriguing this year – see below…

  1. Maltese walking on water here…


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