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Bulgaria’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

May 6, 2016


Poli Genova sings a song called “If Love Was A Crime” – a techno ballad with a listless sort of a verse and a loud chorus with its own efficaciously staccato mnemonic.

There seems to be rather more crime than love on offer though.  I’m not feeling the love especially.  In fact, if Love were a Crime, I’m not sure there’s evidence enough here to convict.  Warmth and tenderness seem to be conspicuously absent both from the song and the accompanying video.

Here’s the video, replete with a chair that seems designed for interrogation purposes.

Only she’s not being interrogated, she’ reviewing footage.  Early on, Poli seems to be a photographer in the crowd, snapping some guy’s star entrance – but later on she’s on stage, and he’s the one in the crowd.  From an overall narrative point of view the video isn’t making a whole lot of sense.

Not that Eurovision videos are obligated to make a whole lot of sense.

I sense, yet again, a certain lack of edge and direction this year, caused by the ongoing absence of Turkey from the competition.  When Turkey was in it, at least Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus and Armenia all knew the object of their hatred.  It gave them an edge.

Perhaps a greater sense of political external threat gave an urgency to the personal affections expressed in the music.  Perhaps a proximate Turkey causes Bulgarians, Greeks, Cypriots and Armenians to hold their loved one’s closer, to look longer and more lovingly into each other’s eyes.  With Turkey absent, a certain listless and rather bad tempered anomie starts to set in.  Well, it’s a theory.



If you’re keen on Balkan Country and Western Music, then you’ll like Slovenia’s entry…

Australia, bizarrely, are back…

If, in the meantime,  you want to watch an implausible love story involving a sex worker from Vilnius – try Lithuania’s entry…

Here, by the way – is Macedonia’s offering…

Meanwhile, Ireland’s entry – Nicky Byrne out of Westlife – is sort of all growed up.

Here’s Serbia, in case you were wondering…

Then again there’s Ivan from Belarus, who may or may not be dancing naked with wolves…

In the meantime, here is Israel:

You might prefer this GameofThronesy offering from Switzerland

Here, on the other hand, is Poland.

And here’s cheery Latvia,

Someone else who doesn’t look cross at all is Malta’s representative  –

Meanwhile, I found Bosnia and Herzegovina somewhat intriguing this year – see below…

More interesting than Montenegro, anyhow

Far, far more conventional is Azerbaijan

More chillingly, here is Estonia

But here, by way of some (but not much) relief is Cyprus

On a lighter note, see the Czech Republic’s offering…

And Russia…

San Marino – folks…

Meanwhile, here’s the Netherlands…

And Croatia

And Hungary

And Moldova

And Greece

Greece’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

And Finland

Finland’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

Here’s Austria by the way…

Austria’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

Here’s Armenia

Armenia’s 2016 Eurovision Entry


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