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Why are there so few right wing sociologists? A belated response to William Reville.

May 4, 2016

As QUB casually bins the social sciences, I thought I’d reblog this response to William Reville I wrote a year ago.



Now I like social scientists.  I married one.  But I had to chuckle a bit when I read an article in the Irish Times from William Reville (an eminent biochemist from UCC) suggesting that Sociology might benefit from being more politically inclusive, instead of being so predictably left of centre.

Here’s his piece…

Now William Reville is well known for commenting on issues beyond his disciplinary remit.  But the fact is, that given the reality of the twenty-first century political landscape – bemoaning the dearth of right-wing sociologists is a bit like bemoaning the dearth of Oxfordians in English departments or Flat Earthers in  geography or, for that matter, Short Earth Creationists in biology departments.

Why are there so few flat earth geographers in our universities? Wouldn’t geography benefit from the diversity of viewpoints that flat earthers would provide?  Isn’t geography being intellectually impoverished as a result of its inability…

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