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Why do the Good die Young? Or else really Quite Old? RIP George Farquhar and Alfred Hitchcock.

April 29, 2016



Alfred Hitchcock died 36 years ago today.  He was eighty.  Hitchcock was the first Director I’d ever heard of.  He was the first person who indicated to me that “directing” was a thing.  I think prior to my awareness of Hitchcock, I must have vaguely assumed that actors just wandered back and forth in front of cameras until the dinner bell rang.

The delicious thing about Hitchcock’s best films (like those very best Coen brothers films that owe him so much) is that they get stranger and stranger every time you see them.  A straightforward adventure story like North by North West, which entertains but does not look like a work of avant garde absurdism, becomes more and more bizarre on repeated viewings.  Perhaps the scariest thing in Hitchcock is the ease with which people will accept a very sinister form of logic.  If you could learn one thing…

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