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The Cruz-Kasitch Pact. A Case Study in Idiocy

April 27, 2016


As the two remaining not-Trumps in the Republican lick their wounds this morning, the sheer magnitude of their folly will have to be explained to them. Slowly I suspect, and using words of one syllable.

Based on the stupidity they’ve demonstrated over the past week, they should not only neither of them allowed to pretend they can lead the world’s leading superpower, they should be forbidden from using knives and forks unsupervised.

Struggling against a candidate who has constantly exploited his “outsider” populist status, they publicly announced that they would arrange to focus their resources so as to block his nomination, to deny him the 1237 delegates he needs prior to the Cleveland convention.  In so doing, they managed to play right into Trump’s most successful narrative and last night five states fell very neatly into Trump’s lap.

In the past week or so Trump has not had to run against Cruz, and he certainly hasn’t had to run against Kasich.  Thanks in no small part to the aggregate cluelessness of Cruz and Kasich, Trump has been running against “back room deals” against “the establishment” and against “the system”.  He’s managed to control the narrative, declaring that any result other than a Trump nomination from now on represents a defeat for democracy.   Now Trump has been working on this narrative for a long time, but in the past week, Cruz and Kasich, like kindly elves, borrowed the narrative while Trump slept.  They edited it, refined it, polished it, and mailed it back to Trump with a pink bow round it.

In some ways it is comforting to be reminded of how dim someone like Cruz.  Stupidity may well be his only endearing characteristic.  It is terrifying to think of what someone like Cruz could do, given the many very Scary and Wrong Things that he believes, were he empowered by anything like political savvy.

Cruz and Trump always represented an appalling set of alternatives of course.  Republicans are being asked to choose between someone who would blow up the world if God told him to, versus someone who might blow up the world if his coffee was too cold.

So, Trump will get the nomination.  Too many registered republicans have abandoned the critical and ethical responsibilities of being an adult and have opted for Trump as a landed aristocrat who has never known what it is not to despise his fellow human beings.  The Republican Party, which nurtured the energies that empowered Trump has not the collective wit to stop this happening.

Trump will get the nomination but will lose the presidency to Hillary Clinton.


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