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Crying God, Harry, St George, April 23 etc. etc. etc.

April 23, 2016



There’s a bleating sound you hear round parts of England about this time of year.  It’s the bleat of a certain kind of person along the lines of “how come my local council spends more on St Patrick’s Day than on St George’s Day?”

This connects with a related bleat “why is it considered racist for English people to display their own flag?”

The fact is of course, that comparatively few English people are invested in the cross of St George except for on certain sporting occasions.  With the result that it’s been appropriated by the far right.  Anybody who waves this flag at something other than a sporting occasion risks being identified with the far right.  Especially if they are bald and have no neck.

St Patrick has a narrative that has something to do with Ireland.  St. David lived and breathed and fought Pelagianism in Wales.  He has…

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