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Russia’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

April 16, 2016


Let’s be clear, if many (especially male) Eurovision singers were remotely sincere about what they’re singing about, they should be made immediately subject to a restraining order.

This entry is very much in the “nothing will keep me from you” vein of threatening minstrelsy.  You know the kind of song – “Rivers and Mountains won’t keep me from you… Time and Space won’t keep me from you… neither will the laws of Physics, still less court injunctions or witness protection programmes etc. etc. etc. ”

If Sergey catches your eye – you’re his.  For all eternity.

Like his nation’s president, Sergey Lazarev is keen on going without a shirt, in situations when wearing a shirt is normally expected.  He’s a bit older than you might think – mid thirties – a time of life when going shirtless has a slightly more deliberate and stubborn feel to it.

Here’s the video


Obsession in this video is depicted in terms of becoming  one with a sort of computer game – a Tron like bit of film which shows our shirtless hero dissolving into circuitry before placing himself at the mercy of rather clunky shapes that rise and fall, testing the strength of his commitment to get at “you” – i.e. “the only one”.

I think the point is to convey the very great truth that the physical universe itself has to prostrate itself in front of the higher law of Sergey’s all consuming sense of need.

Sergey is, we’re told, very fond of pets and has his own “pet confectionary” company.  In his own way he’s doing his bit to sponsor a corresponding market for canine dentistry.

But at least this song is less creepy than San Marino’s entry.   Eurovision – the only stage where San Marino can dress up as a more threatening polity than Russia.

San Marino – folks…

Meanwhile, here’s the Netherlands…

And Croatia

And Hungary

And Moldova

And Greece

Greece’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

And Finland

Finland’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

Here’s Austria by the way…

Austria’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

Here’s Armenia

Armenia’s 2016 Eurovision Entry



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