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Doctor Who and the Eighteenth-Century biographer

April 15, 2016

On the 261st anniversary of the 1st publication of Johnson’s Dictionary – I repost an old blog about a brilliant pitch for a Doctor Who adventure.



Last night I miraculously conceived of a wonderful idea for an eighteenth-century themed episode of Doctor Who.  (This happens to me more often than you might think.)

A remnant of the Cult of Skaro (Daleks who try to ‘think outside the box’) decide that in order to defeat humanity they need to distil the fullest, most complete and minutely revealed human life ever documented.  They need to find the “most” human being ever.  They settle upon James Boswell.

We’ll see James Boswell waking up in a scene of dissipation and disorder and with an appalling hangover.  He’ll immediately reach for pen and ink and make a journal entry of the previous night together with a resolution to mend his ways.   Boswell then has to crawl to work, to plead a legal case in which the judge is his own severe and judgmental father.

Boswell can only be saved from his…

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