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More Blake’s Seven

April 14, 2016

R.I.P Gareth Thomas



There are those who might argue that I’d be better off and a better person if I devoted rather less time to reminiscing about Blake’s Seven and rather more time to advancing my understanding of academic topics that would further my research career and expand my pedagogic repertoire.

These people are, in a sort of limited but demonstrable sense, absolutely right.  One day I will put aside childish things and become a man.  One day I will focus and discipline my imagination in profitable ways.  Today is not that day.

It’s often said about Blake’s Seven that it’s a version of Robin Hood in space. Certainly, in the earlier seasons, there is a ragged medieval forestry quality to the costumes, and Lincoln green is a preferred colour.  Certainly there is a Sheriff of Nottingham (Travis) who is bested by Blake and his outlaws on a regular basis.  Certainly these outlaws…

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