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Blake’s Seven

April 14, 2016

RIP Gareth “Blake” Thomas



Blake’s Seven was to Doctor Who what Battlestar Galactica was to Star Trek – a kind of disreputable first cousin.  Created by Dalekmeister Terry Nation with the key assistance of Chris Boucher, Blakes Seven created a dystopian future, challenged by a handful of political  refugees, who never looked like winners.  At no point did Blake, or any of his followers, look like toppling the Federation.  Instead, the seven of them seemed to focus on simply staying alive for another 53 minutes, occasionally taking part in hit and run displays of creative terrorism.

The writing is fairly good.  Terry Nation writes many of the early episodes, while the later ones are parcelled out.  Chris Boucher wrote some key stories and others were written by the very greatest and most special of Doctor Who scriptwriters – Robert Holmes.  Chris Boucher, as script editor, was charged with the sacred task of preventing Terry…

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