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Moldova’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

April 11, 2016


Now if I remember rightly (though that’s always a big “if”), last year, Moldova’s promotional video consisted of a car-chase caper mini-movie set on the streets of New York City.  As Europe’s poorest nation, I’m assuming that something of a consequent budget crunch, together with a sense of shock that this level of investment did not actually win them the contest, has led to a severely pared back video offering this year.

Instead we see a woman (Lidia Isac) in a sparky dress set up for a photoshoot.  She is standing on a stage with a white backcloth.  She sings and moves a bit from side to side but not much.  Special effects consist of images of star bursts beamed onto the backcloth behind her.  This is an austerity video, the sort of video you’d make if your loan shark was breathing down your neck to make sure that not a penny was going anywhere other than their own pockets.

Trying to say anything about the video or the song itself is difficult.  She is slim, the dress is sparky and the song has quiet bits and loud bits and with words which don’t really mean anything.  It’s a Eurovision entry.  It doesn’t pretend to say anything about the past, present or future of Moldova and when it’s done you’ll forget it pretty much instantly.

Mind you, I’m a very poor judge of what people find memorable.  My son was humming last year’s Belgian entry for months and months after the competition had finished, for months and months after everyone in Belgium had forgotten it.  Perhaps there is, in this strangely abstract and featureless entry, a sense of some primal mnemonic, a cracking of a fundamental Eurovision code – a particular optimal sequencing, which will send us all to Chișinău next year.

If this triumphs, it will be because Moldovan scientists have distilled the very essence of Eurovision and reduced it to a particular formula.  This will be the triumph of a kind of mathematics.

In the meantime, here’s Greece

And Finland

Finland’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

Here’s Austria by the way…

Austria’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

Here’s Armenia

Armenia’s 2016 Eurovision Entry



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