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In Defense of Hypocrisy. Motes and Beams and suchlike…

April 10, 2016

What with all the “politics of envy” rhetoric being cranked up again…



I get frustrated by the nature of most attacks on hypocrisy these days.  I think what bugs me is that such accusations are so politically unidirectional.  The right “owns” hypocrisy.  Anyone who preaches any version of social justice is liable to be taken down as a “hypocrite” at some point.

You hardly ever hear it used in the other direction do you?  You never hear “well – that Alan Greenspan may preach unfettered capitalism, but I know for a fact that he lives in an anarchist squat with only one change of loincloth”.

(Although of course, Chomsky’s description of “Socialism for the Rich” would qualify – the structural means whereby the wealthy secure their own welfare protection at public expense.  We should all do a bit more with that.)

But I think I have a separate problem with the primacy and strategic deployment of “hypocrisy” in popular discourse anyway.  Here…

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