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Austria’s 2016 Eurovision Entry

April 8, 2016


Now the first thing you’ll be thinking to yourself when you hear this is “Isn’t Austria, a German-speaking country?  Why is she singing in French?”  The answer is very simple.


I think this is an admirable attitude to take, a proud European appropriation.  I am European.  Nothing European is alien to me.  The French Language is available to all of us.  In fact I think next year we should all of us sing in French.  All of us from Iceland to Azerbaijan should show up and sing in French.  Except let’s not tell the French.  Let’s really freak ’em out.

I mean, when you think about it, the competition has always featured Norwegians and Moldovans singing in English.  Why shouldn’t we revert to the eighteenth-century for once when the lingua franca was – well – French?

Here’s the video.  A performance video no less – which gives more of an indication of what the competitive performance will actually look like:

So, ZOË’s decision to sing in French instantly puts me in a good mood.  And it helps that the song is rather good.  She’s dressed as a fairy, and before she’s done you will definitely want to abandon your humdrum worthless workaday life and instead go and live with her in her magical kingdom.

If there’s a problem with this performance it’s that the background video that is meant to represent a land “loin d’ici” looks a lot like Austria in fact.  Not a “pays loin d’ici” at all  not if you’re Austrian – it’s all wild flowers and mountains.  Not sure about the giant mushrooms, but we seem to have all been miniaturized to the scale of fairies at the bottom of the garden in any case.  This is a minor caveat.

I’m still humming the chorus.  I can see this winning and I can see myself not minding at all that it’s winning.  And how nice for Vienna.  With two winners in three years, they’d really be building up a bit a musical heritage there. This could really “put Vienna on the map” in musical terms.  I can even see Vienna becoming a sort of “City of Culture”.




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