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The Second Doctor

March 25, 2016

Patrick Troughton was born 96 years ago today!



There’s much to be said in favour of the theory that the Second Doctor was top.  Patrick Troughton may have been the “best” Doctor in a number of almost quantifiable ways.  When watching the multi-Doctor stories, The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors and The Two Doctors, it is Troughton we find ourselves watching.  He can upstage all  the others without breaking his stride.

(He never went up against Tom Baker though… hmmmm).

The Doctor who appeared at the end of The Tenth Planet was a game-changer.  If he can change his entire shape and appearance, then he’s a horse of a different colour and the options for the show open up dramatically.  The Second Doctor is younger, more spry and agile than the First but he is still quite unlike any action hero.  He never throws a punch.  (He has an eighteenth-century Jacobite highlander to do that if…

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