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Pirates are running the world: a review of Offshoring by John Urry

March 22, 2016

R.I.P John Urry. Reblogging this response to “Offshoring”.



If anyone ever doubted that Pirates rule (but not in a good way) then Offshoring by John Urry will grimly confirm the fact.  Urry, a theorist of governance and inequality based at Lancaster University traces the myriad of ways and means by which the fate of nations and of peoples is increasingly governed by financial transactions which are designed to elude any means of democratic scrutiny or accountability.  For Urry, “offshore” may refer to literal islands, like the Cayman Islands, or to institutions like the state of Delaware of the City of London which might as well be desert islands in terms of their respect for any rule of law.

It’s odd (but perhaps logical according the the laws of duplicitous compensation) that pirates are romanticised in the twenty first century.  Unlike highwaymen, who rob from the rich and give it all to innkeepers and sex workers, the real pirates…

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