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Yes, Donald Trump, Mitt Romney really is a Mormon.

March 20, 2016


Now to be clear, I don’t have a great deal of time for Mitt Romney.  As far as I can see, he’s just one more plutocrat whose political career and convictions are all about protecting the power and prestige of the 1%.   He has pledged that Government of the 1% for the 1% and by the 1% shall not perish from the earth.   It’s a pretty safe pledge right now.  To that extent, he’s not unlike yourself.

Where he differs from you, Donald Trump, is that unlike yourself, he still recognises external forces that challenge and define him.  This is what a religion sort of means, by the way.  When he was a young man, he submitted to a discipline that sent him somewhere he didn’t choose to preach a message that he didn’t make up himself.   He went to France.

Now regardless of what you or I might think of the Church of Latter Day Saints – what he did was sort of impressive on its own terms.  He had to try to sell Mormonism to the French.   He had to go door to door and say (in French obviously) “Hi, are you interested in my religion?  It’s sort of Christianity – but there’s an extra bit of revelation that makes Americans kind of special.  Oh, and you’ll have to give up drinking wine.   And coffee.  Aha, aha – can I put you down as a maybe?”

Now I don’t think that trying to convert France to Mormonism is what you’d call a wise thing to do.  I think I’d sooner give up wine and coffee myself than try to persuade French people to give up wine and coffee.  It’s the very definition of a thankless task.  But that’s what Mitt Romney was doing in the 1960s.   And it’s the sort of thing you’d only ever do if you were very very serious about something.

Mitt Romney and yourself, Mr Trump, are both fabulously wealthy.  You both have far far more money than any human being could ever conceivably need.  You are, apparently, far richer than he is, and you seemingly reached the point long long ago where you felt that your money transcended any form of expertise on any subject, including theology.  You can tour Utah and suggest that Mitt Romney might not be a Mormon because being rich makes you a theologian.  Or something better than a theologian.  Your conception of wealth is that it automatically makes everything you say true whenever you say it’s true – even if it conflicts with other things you’ve said.


I believe it was John Keats who once said…

“Money is truth, truth money – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

And if he didn’t say – he should have done.


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  1. People need to learn to take a Joke. Donald Trump never claimed that Mitt was not a Mormon. He made a lighthearted comment to a bunch of Mormons as a political joke, and most of them laughed at it.

    • Trump was indeed just making fun of Mitt Romney. He was also insulting him. I’m sure you would never dream of making that kind of joke that sneers at the sincerity of someone else’s religion. Trump will make that kind of joke because he despises just about everyone.

      • No, he made the joke because he knew his audience (being primarily Mormon, by the way) would get a chuckle out of it and likely never think about it again.
        He wasn’t sneering at the sincerity of Mitt Romney’s religion, but was laughingly dismissing the attacks that Mitt Romney had made against him, and the audience seemed to appreciate it, as did me and my parents.

  2. I think it was a very clumsy and stupid attempt at humour. He told it because he was unable or unwilling to answer Romney’s detailed and substantive case against him. But then, stupid and clumsy is all Trump has to offer. Nearly everything he says is either a) factually untrue, b) logically impossible or c) contradicting something else he’s already said.

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