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Happy St Patrick’s Day whose Centre is Nowhere and whose Periphery is Everywhere

March 17, 2016



If you want to insult all things Irish, everything that ever has come, does come, or will come from the island if Ireland, everything that with a Hiberno-prefix that has ever lived or breathed or even just sat there and existed, then the best thing you can do is produce a banner saying “Happy St Patty’s Day” and hang it over the main entrance to your bar or restaurant.  If you want six million Irishmen, women and children to hate you, then you should definitely do this.  If you’ve already done it, then they already do.

Yelling at North Americans for saying “Happy St Patty’s Day” is a great annual ritual in Ireland.   Trying to make green beer is another.   People in Ireland have too much respect for beer to want to dye it any colour than the colour God has decreed it, and Ireland’s most storied beer is almost…

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