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I love the smell of election in the morning…

February 26, 2016


… it smells like “contingency”.

Even though the scope of that contingency is limited. To say the very least.

Even though, in many times and in many places, people seem to be deciding only about slight degrees of acceleration or deceleration of kicking poor people in the head.

Even though I’m told and I’m persuaded that the “real” decisions are always made in boardrooms rather than legislatures.

Still, I love the smell of contingency in the morning.

So I’m not one to complain about all the posters.   Or even all the canvassers.  The inconveniences and idiocies of an over-heated election campaign are nowhere near as bad as the implications of an under-heated election campaign.

Nor am I one to complain about politicians collectively, definitionally, as an entire category.  Only the most cynical and dangerous politicians benefit from universal cynicism about politicians.  They are benefiting right now.

Because today, on election day, the single most beautiful thing about politicians is being demonstrated – their getriddability.

“If voting ever changed anything they’d abolish it” yeah yeah yeah.   So who does that slogan help?  It helps the most ruthless and manipulative of politicians who are praying for a low turn out.  Even if the scope of freedom evidenced by an election is both tiny and illusory – even if it’s a promise whose deferral is Derridean in its remoteness.  Even if the smell of contingency today is an olfactory shimmer of delusionary transcience.

I still love the smell.  And others hate it.



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