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Dangers of being Distracted by Donald.

February 2, 2016


One of the most dangerous features of Donald Trump’s campaign is that he has risked making many of his rivals for the Presidency look sane and reasonable.

They are not.

Last night many people were terrified that a bullying temperamental maniac with extreme political views would top the poll in the Iowa Republican caucus.

This morning, we wake to find that that’s exactly what happened – and his name is Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz claims to love God a lot.  But the God he worships is a very very small and small minded Deity, not so much the Creator of Heaven and Earth as a sort of Bronze Age tribal god – fashioned only to reflect the petty, xenophobic bullying privileges and desperate fears of a small tribe.  (Mind you – that’s the heresy of American Exceptionalism for you – it’s a belief system who want a Deity that is small and convenient and can be kept in a box.)   If Cruz did love the Creator of Heaven and Earth, it’s hard to see how he could continue to declare war on the planet S/He created with such energy. In the demented mind of people like Ted Cruz, the best way to love your country is to frack it into a toxic wasteland.

Ted Cruz believes that he is wiser than 98% of the world’s scientists and climate change is bunkum.  A Ted Cruz presidency poses a clear and present danger to the future of human life on earth.  In this, of course, he is one with Trump, Rubio, Carson and a number of others.  Whoever is elected Republican nominee for the presidency of the world’s most powerful nation represents a clear and present danger to the human race.

Ted Cruz is incapable of being an international statesman because there is hardly anyone who can bear to be in the same room as him.  One of the most important jobs that the power powerful person in the world can do is facilitate conversations around the world that will stop innocent people from dying.  If Ted Cruz becomes president – a great many people will die.

Ted Cruz is an ideologue who has spent much of his political career railing at very very right wing people for not being quite right wing enough.  His ideological rigour makes him immune not only to scientific fact, but to any hint of accommodation with others.  Cruz was of course, a leading light (“light”?) in the 2013 Government shut down that may have cost the US economy up to 55 billion dollars.  Cruz believed (and believes) that teh prospect of poor people being able to afford medical care is so obscene and disgusting that the United States itself must be sacrificed as a functioning polity to prevent it happening.  Because for Cruz, negotiation, compromise etc. etc. are all dirty words – because such negotiation – whether domestic or international – carries with it the risk of learning something.  And Cruz is determined never to learn anything – never to grow as a  human being – never to betray the tiny-minded deity he keeps in a box.



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  1. Excellent post and I agree with you: Cruz is the scarier entity than Trump if for no other reason than he actually knows politics. I still believe, however, that a Republican can not win a general election with today’s demographics. Perhaps if they could run one that wasn’t batshit crazy but that seems beyond them.

  2. Believe me, I’m scared. But a religious nut won Iowa last time around (Rick Santorum) and didn’t get anywhere. And at least he’s not Donald Trump.

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