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Banning Trump from the UK would “do him good” says Alex Salmond. Alex Salmond is quite right – more’s the pity.

January 18, 2016
Alex Salmond has said that banning Trump from the UK would “do him good” – I agree, though not in the way Salmond means.  Donald Trump would gain immense political capital from being banned from the UK – and I believe he is desperate for the vote to pass.

In that strange constituency of voters – US registered republicans – anything European is automatically bad.  If you are popular in Europe – you are a bad ‘un.  If you’re unpopular in Europe – you’re doing something right.

Now I know that there are plenty of people in the UK (or rather – England) who don’t think of themselves as European.  No matter.  In the USA, the UK (and/or England – they tend to get confused on this point) is very definitely regarded as a European country.  And while there are plenty of right-wing Anglophiles in the USA, if Trump were to be banned from the UK – then the UK’s “European” qualities would certainly be foregrounded.

As a “European Country” – the UK (and/or England etc. etc. ) is a nation of cowards and ingrates in the xenophobic US imagination.  Unable to admit their own cowardice and stupidity during World War II, European nations (including the UK etc.) have failed to ever properly thank the USA for bailing them out and protecting them.  If any European nation (including the UK etc) is arrogant enough to ban a prominent US citizen for what it deems “hate speech” then this ban represents a badge of honour.

I’m sure most people signing the petition sincerely despise the casually hateful generalisations that Trump has helped to normalise.  As do I.  But I’m sure that some of the signatories are actually Trump supporters who are acutely aware of how this ban is going to play within a certain demographic within the United States.

Now I’m not anti-American.  It can never be said too often that most US citizens are not Registered Republicans.  But it’s to Registered Republicans that Trump is appealing right now because it is Registered Republicans who determine who will will the presidential nomination.

Registered Republicans are Europhobes.  If a European nation challenges the rights of a US Republican candidate to visit their shores, then they will rally behind that candidate.  Even a very right wing Austeriachy like Cameron’s Britain is still “European” and therefore vaguely freedom-hating and socialistic in the deliberately uninformed opinions of those who will determine is one of the two candidates for the job of World’s Most Powerful Human.

The candidate most despised by Europeans must be doing something right.

This petition, and the debate that is now underway is strategically profoundly wrong-headed.  I can’t stand Trump.  I can’t stand his agenda.  I can’t stand the way that he himself despises the most defining and foundational principles of the United States.  I can’t stand his rhetoric of Kickdownism and his fanning of the flames of paranoid threatened white male entitlement.  I just can’t stand him.

But this exclusionary petition will only help his campaign.  It gives him precisely the kind of publicity he craves.  He’s just loving it.


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