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Tuesday’s Poetry Slam (sorry I’m late)

December 10, 2015


“Cool Jazz” – played along with a video of crackling firewood.  We were down to “mood lighting”.

And a small number of heroes decided to get up and spout.

There were poems about intimacy and pain, about being left behind, about drink and absurdity, about poetry itself.  All of the performers were having fun with words – but it was a difficult fun, a painful fun – a fun that makes us think.  All of the performers were doing their job.

Forced by the vulgar necessities of doing the job of judging to come up with a first, second and third place…. (as opposed to everyone else who merely had to sit back and enjoy and do that finger clicking thing that I can’t do), we three eventually complied.  All though we traded some ideas and some criteria back and forth – there was no real dissent in the course of our deliberations.

In third place came Shannon.  Hers was a sinuous poem about bitterness and vulnerability – held together by a blue-grey film of cigarette smoke which loosely connected a past that wouldn’t die and a present that wouldn’t cohere.

In second place came Olivia – with verses that were less confessional and more speculative.  She offered absurdist vignettes – hilarious yet plausible street scenes from an alternate reality that chafes against and teases our waking reality.

And then in first place – not for the first or last time – came Felicia.  Now as we know – Felicia’s gift is very special.  Not only are her images and phrases very warm and surprising – but the spaces between her images and phrases are sort of sacred ground.  When she performs her work, you are sent to very satisfyingly thoughtful places where people and things are not what you thought they were.

These three will do L&D proud.

Additional thanks to the redoubtable Dafe 0f course.  Dafe kept the troops focused and in order and thankfully succumbed to demands that he do a few requests.  Keep succumbing to those demands Dafe.  The Society seems to be in good hands.


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