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“And I have blogged one thousand blogs…”

December 2, 2015

Early in 2013, two people – completely independently and completely unknown to each other – advised me to start blogging.

And this happens to be my 1000th blog since then.

Nobody has ever read them all – and nobody ever will – least of all me.

So what in the name of Hades have I been doing with my time?

In all honesty – I think I’ve been gaming.  I probably have an addictive personality.  Since 2013 I have forsworn any kind of computer game – with the exception of jetpunk quizzes.  Wordpress and its associated stats have been, instead, my gaming.  So I’m blogging as a compulsive outlet, blogging as a way of exercising certain rhythmic instincts in a relatively harmless way.  Like a half-trained actor or a repressed adolescent, I need something else to do with my hands.

Given my myriad defects of character, I don’t see myself being weaned off blogging any time soon.

But beyond this “methadone” explanation, I do cherish a kind of sci-fi spiritual hope that maybe one day, as my flesh becomes less and less viable, that I can be preserved as a sort of meme.  Even now I find, inevitably, my various quirky rants and vexations can easily be copied and pasted onto various discussion threads.  The more blogs I have, the more cyborgified I can get.

Now there are some, like Professor Kevin Warwick of the University of Reading, who are busy turning themselves into technology already.  His body modification began a long time ago but as proud Cyberman, he’s upgrading all the time.  Uncharitably, he could be described as a sort of quisling, guilty of treason against carbon-based life as he ingratiates himself with the winning silicon-based team.

But I’m not interested in hardware.  It’s not a question of choosing between being Donna Haraway or Kevin Warwick or just some ugly bag of mostly water on the losing side of some accelerated evolutionary process.  Even Star Trek (by the 1990s) eventually realised that holograms were more interesting than robots – software than hardware.  I’m not worried about being made redundant by a machine.  What survives is information.

Already, my “blog a day”regime is getting easier as anniversaries start to give me more and more days off.  Already, I’m self-cannibalizing – as I can stick old rants onto new threads.  What I’ll need, as the flesh becomes slower and clumsier, is some sort of programme which identifies relevant social media memes and does the cutting and pasting for me – a self-replicating process of conversational intervention.

“My” life will get lazier and yet more energetic as “I” get older.

This kind of dissolution will create new forms of subjectivity based on whoever has been compulsive enough to write down enough bizarre, ignorant, and above all compulsive STUFF over the years.

Lets face it, as far as the blueprint for the coming race is concerned  -it’ll be me or James Boswell.



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  1. Congratulations on reaching your milestone Conrad.

  2. Congrats! I started in August 2013 but I’m not up to that many posts…

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