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Is it bad taste to dress up as Matthew Hopkins (Witchfinder-General) for Halloween?

October 31, 2015

I’ve found my Halloween “look”.



This is not a hypothetical question.  I mean, I’ve actually made myself a big black hat out of cardboard and tape.  I’ll tuck my trousers into my long socks, put some silver paper around some buckle-shapes, paint a big fake book marked “The Discoverie of Witchcraft” and I’m away.  You see, it occurred to me that it’s really rather hard to scare people at Halloween.  And then it occurred to me that if half the town are out dressed as witches then the scariest thing you can do is dress up as a witch-finder.  I’ll go out in my hat and fake book and point at them, shouting “Witch!” at the top of my little lungs.  Especially when those little witches ring on our doorbell chanting “trick or treat” and expecting sweets.  A witchfinder is the last thing they’ll expect to open the door.  Chortle chortle.

But I’m aware that…

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