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The Trailer Trilogy – the epic “Force Awakens” teaser space opera is finally complete.

October 21, 2015


And so, after what feels like an eternity, the epic trilogy has finally run its course.

We now have the chance to run these teaser fragments in sequence and can experience a full exhausting five and a half minutes of extended narrative in one go.  A “marathon” if you will.

“Force Awakens 1” (OR – “There has been an awakening”)

Like many first installments of trilogies – this ninety second extravaganza is the most straightforward in narrative terms.  We get fear, we get bewilderment, we get darkness and light and things going very very fast.  In fact everything that can support a twenty-first century attention span is here, in roughly the right proportions.  In short, “There Has Been An Awakening” ‘delivers’ as the saying goes.

“Force Awakens 2” (OR  “Chewie, we’re home”)

Just as “Empire Strikes Back” was, in retrospect, the finest of episodes IV-VI and perhaps the finest of all Star Wars movies – so posterity will probably judge this the finest of all Force Awakens trailers.  It is not afraid to enjoy landscape, prepared to stare at the detail of human(oid) faces, and there is a melancholy note that prevails throughout.   The best part of “Chewie we’re home” is the bit where Han Solo says “Chewie we’re home” – a line that will resonate just as “Luke, I am your Father” has resonated for decades since 1980.

“Force Awakens 3” (OR, “It’s True – All of It”)

It’s inevitable with any trilogy that the third element gets a bit self indulgent.  Having secured our interest for the two previous ninety second films, this third film feels rather elongated and poorly paced, stretching to a full two minutes and a bit.  The second quarter of this film drags considerably.  Fifteen seconds of my life I’ll never get back.  Half way through this third installment, the narrative finally feels rather bloated and unnecessary.  Philosophically, of course “It’s True – All of It” has to wrestle with the fact that the struggle for film-makers within the Star Wars universe is not re-enchantment – but disenchantment – to re-imagine a world in which all the characters are ignorant of what has happened before and are therefore capable of being re-enchanted anew.  However, this discussion is somewhat verbose and repetitive and at least six seconds could have been shaved off it.

All trilogies probably end unsatisfactorily, with the possible exception of the Toy Story trilogy – and that’s in the process of being sullied by tetralogical elongation.

But now we can finally forget about Star Wars for a while – now that it’s all done and dusted.

At least until the “Whatever The Next Movie’s Gonna Be Called Teaser Trilogy” is launched upon us.  Give us all strength Lord.  And precious time.


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