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Time for Pamela

October 15, 2015



Richardson’s Pamela (1740), the most influential story of sexual harassment in the workplace ever written,  is remarkable for many things – not least the violence that it does to time itself.

There are certain critics who deal in quantitative ergonomic measurements.  I am not such a critic and I will never be such a critic but I am glad that they exist because I can profit from their work.  They’ve done the math so I don’t have to.  Let them sow and I will reap.

It has been estimated that Pamela, the titular heroine of Pamela, who is constantly sliding into her own itallics (or is it the case that the book title is always stiffening into Roman verticality?)  could not possibly have written all that she writes in the space of a few hours and still do all the things that she’s supposedly writing about.  There aren’t enough…

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