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A Dinner Prayer for Canadian Thanksgiving

October 12, 2015


Over succulent turkey or maybe “tofurkey”

(When I stretch for “inclusive”, the menu gets murky)

Eschewing divisions of creed, caste, and race

Perhaps you could try this thing out for a grace…

A bucket of blessings both vague and specific

Rain down from Atlantic to seashores Pacific

Harvesting happiness, like some great hoover

From Whitehorse to Windsor, St Johns to Vancouver.

Canadians all, all at work play and rest

Be as proud and as bright as a Don Cherry vest.

Be gracious in triumph – upstanding in grief

And may Leaf fans retain their strange sense of belief.

Be buoyant, bewildered, bilingual and brave

And may CBC celebrate Morley and Dave.

“Chez nous” or “our place” or just “unsere heimat”

Every loves their peculiar climate –

Even snowdrifts and ice-storms and droughts and mosquitoes

Need toasting with whisky and wine and mojitos.

May concepts revive that cause neighbours to stare,

Such as patient diplomacy, decent healthcare,

Let sane ecosense reach a tipping point that would

Reassure Dave Suzuki and Margaret Atwood.

Such national virtues, we know they’re still there

Though threatened by smugness, conceit and despair

May they flourish, no matter how often they splinter –

Canadian kindnesses last through the winter.

May your snow words be stranger,  your senses be sharper

‘Cos in 2015, you got rid of Steve Harper.


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    A poem for Canadian Thanksgiving

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