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Confederacy of Dunces

October 9, 2015



Alexander Pope is rarely treated as a coherent political theorist, but I’m increasingly prone to regard The Dunciad as a political tract for our times.  I have belatedly come to realise that the world is increasingly run by people with a very high boredom threshold.  Ours is a Duncocracy or Soporificocracy or some such terms.

This is why I will never rule the world.

For example, I can be made to understand the difference between “aims”, “objectives”, and “outcomes”.  Unfortunately rather than retain this information, I can actually hear my braincells performing ritual suicide.  Rather than actually commit such distinctions to my long term memory, my brain cells will actually whip out decorative tempered steel Japanese swords upon to throw themselves.

Boredom is a weapon, you see.  Those who see profit in making the world a duller place (and there are huge profits to be made making the world a…

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