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For the 42nd Anniversary of Fawlty Towers I give you The Fawlty Code – a deliberately stupid and paranoid numerological Dan Brown thriller.

September 19, 2015

fawlty tower

Exactly 42 years ago, the first episode of Fawlty Towers was first screened.   A few years ago I scribbled this – a kind of over-extended joke about paranoid conspiracy theories.

This comes in chapters.  You can treat it as a homage to a Booth-Cleese tradition of farce, or a bit of what I understand is called “fan fiction”. Certainly whatever else it is, it’s an attack on Dan Brown and a prolonged sneer at all forms of tedious numerological gibberish.  It’s about the smug anal fixations of those who can’t see horrors in plain sight because they want to believe that they’re the only people seeing anything.

So, for the 42nd anniversary of the most exquisite television farce ever conceived or executed, I’m reposting this sprawling response.  Eat it in bits.  If at all.


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  1. LOL, but I was hoping the Professor would get to meet Basil Fawlty!

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