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Good Night Western Empire

September 4, 2015

Happy End of the Western Empire Day



1539 years ago today, the Roman Empire in the West disappeared.  Sort of.  That’s to say that the last Western Roman Emperor was deposed.  Of course, this did not make a lot of difference to people living Italy at the time.  The Western Empire had shrunk to Italy itself and some scraps of Gaul, but the so-called Emperor wasn’t really ruling any of it.  The army was now Germanic, and various Gothic warlords were the real power in Western Europe.  Following a bit of intrigue and confusion, one of these warlords,  Odoacer, decided that enough was enough and it was time to call it a day and stop pretending there was such a thing as a Western Emperor any more.

The last, the very last Western Emperor was little more than a child – Romulus Augustus, and like a number of emperors before him, he was virtually a prisoner, walled…

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