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Why isn’t the 75th anniversary of World War II a bigger deal?

September 1, 2015

Last year’s ponderings


gloucester echo

Strangely quiet on the anniversary front.  World War II is seventy-five years old today.  Perhaps a cake would be inappropriate, but a bit more recognition would have been nice.

Seventy-five years ago today, Hitler’s regime faked some Polish border incursions and invaded in force by way of spurious retaliation.   It’s sometimes argued that Munich gave the allies the time they needed to prepare for war and be ready for September 1939.  These people tend to ignore that the extra year gave the Germans the extra time also.  The Germans, unlike the western allies, were always planning to break the agreement and therefore Munich did not materially disrupt any timetable.   And, of course, in between autumn of 1938 and summer of 1939, the (temporary) Ribbontrop/Molotov pact was secured, which secured Germany’s eastern frontiers and ensured that it would be a while before Germany had to fight a two front…

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