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The Queen is Dead: Long Live the King!

August 1, 2015


George I


Exactly three hundred and one years ago, these words were proclaimed to distinctly muted applause.  With the death of Queen Anne, the terms of the 1701 Act of Settlement kicked in and so George, Elector of Hanover ascended the British throne, jumping over the heads of 50 closer claimants who were unable or unprepared to support Anglicanism.  (Whenever there are discussions involving attempts to make the British monarchy less sectarian and more inclusive, it needs to be pointed out that there are in that case literally thousands of people descended from those 50 with a better dynastic claim to the throne than the Hanoverians who might want to stake a claim.)

Now when dynasties experience a tercentenary, generally speaking a bit of bunting in order.  Generally speaking that is.  Now for sure, the British royal family has had a couple of name changes since 1714 due to the conventions of…

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