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Is it OK to name universities after Thomas More?

July 6, 2015

Reblogged on 380th anniversary of Thomas More getting the chop…



Is it OK to name universities after Thomas More?

480n years ago today in 1535, Thomas More was abbreviated on Tower Hill. Regarded by some as a saint and a martyr and by others as a sadistic bigot, he polarises historical discussion of the Tudor period. For many of us, our introduction to More came with Robert Bolt’s clumsy and wrong play A Man For All Seasons, which became an Oscar winning movie starring Paul Schofield.  Then came Hilary Mantel and the bad guys sort of became good guys and vice versa.  The TV adaptation amplified the argument further.  While Scofield’s More was slim and sympathetic (like Holbein’s), Anton Lesser’s portrayal (Lesser is More ha ha ha), was skeletal and chilling.
Then there is that painting by Hans Holbein. Holbein was light years ahead of anyone else painting in England at the time. Anybody who is painted by Holbein…

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