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Who Can Forget the Inheritance Tax Riots of 1990?

July 4, 2015

Inheritance Tax – the cruelest tax there is?



I now consider myself advanced in years and prone to forget stuff.  Somethings are crystal clear in my recollection and others decidedly hazy.  Take an example. I’ve just heard a British Prime Minister refer to the “most hated tax in Britain”, and that stirred something.  Because I was definitely there – in 1990.  Almost exactly 25 years ago.  It was a warm day in central London. The mood was electric and the explosion of violence was almost hypnotically predictable.  I remember the densely packed bodies in Whitehall, the feeling of being funneled… of orders being shouted by mounted police that were impossible to follow.  I remember sticks in the air in the vicinity of Downing Street and, above all, a collective sense of not knowing where to go – a fear that would soon become anger.

The thing is, I feel morally certain that these riots were incited by “the…

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