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Happy Canada Day

July 1, 2015

I actually have to work today. No fair.



Happy Canada Day. Formerly Dominion Day.  More accurately Confederation Day.

When Canada Day officially replaced Dominion Day in 1982 (to reflect the most recent constitutional restatement of Canada’s sovereignty) many complained.   “Dominion Day” was not only alliterative but it was unusual.  “Canada Day” is just “Day” with “Canada” stuck in front of it.  The modernists replied that “The Dominion of Canada” was now an outdated and an anachronistic term and could not provide the name of the national holiday.

“Confederation Day” sounds a bit unwieldy but does at least signpost the nature of the anniversary, the anniversary of confederation itself – July 1 1867.  If it appears a little timid next to the French “Bastille Day” this merely highlights the rather more pacific nature of Canadian political development.  Canada, unlike many other nations, was not forged by bloody insurrection, but by a series of negotiations.  1774, 1791, 1840, 1867…

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