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Happy Birthday Christopher Lee

June 11, 2015

Since he’s gone…. IF HE’S REALLY GONE… I thought I’d reblog this.



In Hammer Horror Movies, Christopher Lee would play Dracula or The Mummy or The Embodiment of Absolute Timeless Evil, whereas Peter Cushing would play Van Helsing, or a Van Helsing type, the man who would gather a group of young people around a table and explain to them why they needed to be afraid.  Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing were good friends.

The guy who played the vampire hunter grew old and died like a normal person.

Christopher Lee on the other hand…

Christopher Lee is 93 years of age today.

When Christopher Lee bears down upon you, all you can do is back away.  I can recommend the 1970 classic Scream and Scream Again.  It’s a disjointed and confusing film that formalises paranoia in very imaginative ways.    In one of the final scenes, Christopher Lee walks slowly towards Vincent Price who backs away and tumbles in to…

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