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50+ Brexiting Conservatives hate Britain

June 8, 2015


OK – perhaps that’s putting it a bit strongly.  Perhaps it would be fairer to say that the Tory Brexiters have no right to claim that they love anything that deserves to be called “Britain”.

Not all of these politicians are bare-faced liars.  Some of them are merely suffering from an advanced form of cognitive dysfunction that has immunised them against moral logic.  Either way, they are a danger to themselves and others.

Only 28% of the people of Scotland favour exit from Europe.  If the Europhobes were to actually win their precious referendum then they would be committed to stripping the Scottish people of their EU citizenship against their will.  Do they really think the Union could survive that?  Do they really think “Britain” (which was only created as a political entity by means of the 1707 Union between England and Scotland) can survive that.

The MPs who have actually thought this far ahead and are still talking about taking “Britain” out of Europe are liars and hypocrites.  They hate Europe far more than they love Britain and they think the destruction of Britain is a price worth paying.  These MPs should not be trusted on any topic whatsoever until they get down on their knees and beg forgiveness. The MPs who haven’t thought things that far ahead do not imagine that Brexit threatens the Union are functionally crazy and require medical attention.

Now of course, you can be an English nationalist and love Scotland.  (Billy Bragg lives here).

But what you can’t be is a British patriot who despises Scotland.  Anyone who thinks you can has stuck a fork in their brain to prevent it working properly.

There are some people who think that Scotland is so economically tied to the rest of the island of Britain, that they will have to stick with the Union and follow England (and possibly Wales) out of Europe out of sheer necessity.  People who follow this line of reasoning do not “love” Britain because their sense of Union, based on fearful compulsion, has no love in it.

What do Brexiting Tories and Kippers (they’re pretty much interchangeable) mean when they say “Britain”?  Presumably they mean England.  Or Little England.  Or Bits of England.  Or Home Counties Writ Large.  A version of England in imperial dress that apparently has a God-Given write to speak on behalf of North West Europe.  Yes – that would make sense.

But they can’t be allowed to get away with it.  You can’t be allowed to stand in front of a flag that includes the Scottish Saltire and claim to be speaking on behalf of a polity that includes Scotland and yet ignore the will of the Scottish people.  People who do that need to be told that they are wicked or crazy.  They need to be told this a lot.

Of course, whether the Union and with it a nation called “Britain” should be allowed to continue to exist is another matter.  A great many people feel that “Britain” is too disgusting a concept to be permitted to exist and the horrific extension of austeriarchy promised by the incoming Little English government will only accelerate this view.

The truth is that the Tories like standing behind a Union flag, but they do not have any genuine sacrificial love for “Britain” as any kind of meaningful concept.  They sort of like Britain, but they love kicking poor people in the head more – and xenophobia – fear of Europe and fear of immigration – is a crucial element of the populist kickdownism that makes austeriarchy electorally palatable.


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