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It’s not too late to make me a bigwig

June 6, 2015


As it happens, voting for the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies executive elections continues until Monday.  This means that you can still interrupt your weekend for a few minutes and vote for ME.

I will of course, if elected, labour night and day on your behalf to bring all that’s best about the eighteenth century to YOU the voter.  I will bring Reason and Enlightenment.  I will bring the dissemination of Newtonian physics.  I will bring a mixture of scepticism and idealism (Voltaire and Rousseau) to the world of spiritual and cosmic inquiry.  And I will soften the pomposity of these grand designs with a healthy dose of Satire.

But from a purely personal and selfish point of view, if elected – I will become a bigwig.  I’ve always wanted to be a bigwig – even before I knew what a bigwig was.  Especially before I knew what a bigwig was. (I’ve a memory that it’s the name of one of the rabbits from Watership Down.)

Who has a better claim to swan around claiming to be a “bigwig” than an executive eighteenth-centuryist?

The International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS) is a very federal sort of organisation.  Anybody enrolled as a member of a recognised constituent national society (a society with an acronym that ends, amusingly, in SECS) is, by definition, a member of ISECS.  This means that you might just be a member of ISECS and not even know it.  You might be blessedly unaware of your own ability to help make me a bigwig.

SO – if you’re a member of BSECS or ASECS or CSECS then please do pop over to  the ISECS website

I bet your fingers know the way to this site already.  I bet you could type it out in full.  In your sleep.

Now it’s just possible, that you’re not actually a member of an eighteenth-century studies society at all.  Just possible I suppose.  In which case, all I can say is there MAY be time to actually join such a society by Monday.  Whether or not you can get squeezed onto the ISECS electoral roll in before Monday is another matter.  But you’d be a happier person.  You’d be an eighteenth-centuryist.  And recruitment would be something I’d like to talk about.

If and when I ever become…  a bigwig.


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