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Meet the Legoland-Windsors

June 2, 2015

Spent the day in Legoland and thought I’d reblog this…



On this date in 1917, George V announced that the family name would no longer be Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and would henceforth be “Windsor”. Anti-German sentiment had become increasingly shrill as World War One went on and names that sounded a bit German sounded more than a bit wrong. And to make matters worse, the Germans came out with a bomber aircraft, one of the very first of its kind, which managed to kill some British civilians. It was called the “Gotha”.

And so a committee of people got together to try to invent a new surname. Although George V was directly descended from George I, “Hanover” was no longer available because the sexist “sallic law” had prevented Queen Victoria from succeeding to the throne of Hanover (it went instead to her scary Uncle Ernie.) And of course Hanover itself had been absorbed into the new German Reich in 1866.

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