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Happy bunch of stuff anniversaries…

June 1, 2015



The emperor Didius Iulianus was assassinated today in 193.

Remember the remember the insultingly stupid ending to Gladiator – the ending that reminds us all that Hollywood hates and despises each and every one of us for our presumed ignorance?  The one where it’s vaguely suggested that Rome became a benign republic following the death of Commodus instead of having to endure nearly three more centuries of increasingly crap emperors?

Well as we all know, the death of Commodus led to a power struggle involving the assassination of the sane looking Pertinax, the auctioning of the entire empire to the highest bidder and the consolidation of power by Septimius Severus following the whacking of the hopeless (but rich) Didius.

Other stuff happened today.  President Madison asked congress to declare war on Britain today in 1812.  He’d have had to come up with a different casus belli a few decades later…

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