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Australia’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 23, 2015


Guy Sebastian “Tonight Again”

Why are they in it?  They’re in it because it’s funny for them to be in it.  Australia is not of course in Europe.  But then Russia is only partly in Europe.  Turkey only has a toe in Europe.  It takes a fair bit if gerrymandering to put Azerbaijan and Armenia in Europe.  Cyprus and Israel are not in Europe.  I mean, they just aren’t.  And would you believe it – Morocco has competed in Eurovision?

Eurovision’s definition of Europe is clearly more attitudinal than geographical.  This is a Europe of the mind.  A Europe of the Willing.

Of course Australia is on the opposite side of the world from Europe. But then, opposites attract, don’t they?  The very neatness of the opposition creates an affinity.   Nations who are “poles apart” are clearly connected to the same pole.

Apparently if they win it, they won’t get to host it (you’ve got to draw the line somewhere). But there’s a story going around that they’d have the right to co-host it with a nation of their choice.  Now as I type, Ireland have just voted overwhelmingly in favour of equal marriage.  Given the idea of a large national mandate being give to any version of “Equality” is rather wonderful, I think Australia should win it this year and then co-host the event with Ireland.  There are enough Australians of Irish heritage to make this viable.

Of course, Ireland doesn’t need Eurovision this year – though the recognition would have been nice.  Ireland’s own partying is already under way and will be rather more uninhibited than anything going on in Vienna.

I must say I expected something a bit more extravagant from Australia’s promo video.  I mean, this is their once in a lifetime chance to take part.  I thought there would be a big song and dance number.  I expected beaches and blue skies and all manner of camped up antipodean imagery.  Not just the one guy wandering into a very dull looking building, donning some headphones and recording the song.  I have to say I’m disappointed.

I’ve learned that Guy Sebastian (who seems to be a very nice guy, a polite, modest, cheerful and generous sort of individual) wrote and recorded this song in just a few days, and video reflects this sense of spontaneity.  Fair enough.  I’ll be hoping for a bigger stage show though.

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