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Italy’s 2015 Eurovision EntryItary

May 22, 2015


Il Volo: “Grande Amore”

These boys look very young to have such boomy operatic voices.  This is Big Love.  Big Love – by Italians in Italian.  A depressing number of nations have decided to sing in English this year.  I think if Italy ever decided to sing in English it would be a (deserved) national scandal.  It wasn’t that long ago (I’m an eighteenth-centuryist) that all Anglophones felt obligated to sing in Italian.

Which makes it slightly depressing that despite drawing on the resources of their own native language and operatic tradition, they feel they have to reference mainstream Anglophone Hollywood in their video.  As though Italian culture hasn’t done enough on its own to transcend national frontiers.

The video for these lads has decided to reference the three most romantic movies ever made (apparently).  These are (of course) the following.


Back to the Future


Having selected these movies, collectively considered, the most inspiring representations of romantic love that Western civilisation has ever achieved, the boys take one film each and act out its most famous scene.  Because that’s the way to “connect” with an international audience apparently.

I mean – if they want to do a whole retro cinematic homage act – which can’t they just do La Dolce Vita?  They’re already dressed for it?  All in all just a bit disappointing really. From a European point of view.

This video choice shows Europe at its least secure.  These boys look Italian, they dress Italian, they sing Italian – everything about them is Italian, but to reach out to the rest of Europe, they need Hollywood.  It is as though Europe’s very communality, its sense of common culture and collective culture – is in fact North American – and that only the USA can provide the context whereby an Icelander can talk to a Greek or a Spaniard chat with a Finn.

Next to the boxes containing Nasty Cynical Conrad and Smutty Schoolboy Conrad is the box marked “Bleak Adorno-Inflected Jeremiad Conrad”.  That box is being rattled.

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