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Germany’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 22, 2015


Ann Sophie: “Black Smoke”

And now for the richest of the rich kids.  Germany

Maybe she has to win.  After all, we all owe her money.

Ah, but it’s not her fault.  I’m being unfair.  She’s certainly working hard for her Viennese bread and board, at least on the basis of the rehearsal videos I’ve seen.  Hers is perhaps the shoutiest, very very very shoutiest of all the shouty power ballads we’ve heard this year.  She may not win (actually she won’t win) but at least she’s having a good time.  And ultimately, that’s all that matters.

Weird thing.  Ann Sophie is actually the German runner up.  The actual winner of the in-house German competition was a nervous beardy guy who turned town the chance to sing in Vienna, claiming that Ann would do a better job.

So here he is – the real winner of the German Eurovision contest…

The Andreas Kümmert drama is by far the most interesting Eurovision related story of 2015 – and nothing that happens on Saturday is going to compare with the shock and unprecedented live onscreen awe that was provoked when Andreas turned down the top prize.

Incidentally, it is, sadly, probably necessary to point out that Andreas looks like this:


Now I’m going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that it’s just shamefully possible that he may have taken the view that Eurovision is an intransigently visual affair and that from a purely cosmetic point of view – Ann Sophie was tactically better placed to represent Germany.

There. I said it.

A number of entrants this year (nuff respect Serbia) are promoting the idea that difference is good – beauty is within – blah blah blah – yadiyadiyah.  But there are limits it seems.  And Andreas represents the limit of this kind of worthy inclusive rhetoric.

But please, don’t let’s take our frustrations out on Ann Sophie.  As I say – none of this is her fault.

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