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Switzerland’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 21, 2015


Mélanie René – Time to Shine

Thirty years ago, one of Adam Ant’s backing singers, frustrated with the lack of screen time she was getting, escaped from a video shoot and fled to the woods, so as to go all weird and feral.

In the darkness of the forest, forgotten by Adam Ant and by the rest of the world, her bitterness was cherished and cultivated.  She has kept herself looking young by feasting on the blood of careless virgin backpackers.  And now she’s back.

Now it’s her time “to shine”.  What this “shining” will actually consist of is not clear.  She’s twirling about a bit, but otherwise, I think she could have spent her time in the wilderness more profitably.  In fact this is just another “darkness to light” three minute redemption narratives – see Czech Republic (bad) and Iceland (good).  Unlike these other redemptees, Melanie wants something more or other than mere happiness.  She wants fame.  Indeed, the entire song might be summarised and retitled as

“I think it’s my turn to win Eurovision so there!”

It remains to see whether the transparency of the ambition projects the kind of naive honesty that will be needed to woo the remainder of Europe.

Anyhoo – here’s the video

Among other things, this years’ contest is offering a subsidiary three way scary make-up competition.  Georgia v. Switzerland v. Portugal.  At present, for sheer scariness, Georgia is way in the lead.  Portugal’s bunny-boiling make-up of calculated dishevelment suggests that she’s going after her errant lover, whereas Switzerland looks as though she’s going to try to track down Adam Ant and make him pay.

As for Georgia?  She’s taking on the entire world and I’m not sure the world stands a chance.

So much for Switzerland.  I feel a bit neutral about it.  Arf arf.  You can of course peruse the following instead.

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