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Sweden’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 21, 2015


Måns Zelmerlöw: “Heroes”

Instead of the promo video (which is dull enough in all honesty) I thought I’d supply a link to this performance video.

Now there’s been some legitimate concern in the press about homophobic remarks that Måns Zelmerlöw was spouting some time ago.  Now if a Swedish Eurovision contestant can be a homophobe – what hope can there be for Europe as a whole?

This guy’s phobic comments on same sex love are typically hypocritical given that he is self-evidently in love with a man himself.  The man being himself.  I hope he’ll both be very happy (no I don’t).  Like many of this year’s contestants, he’s very attractive.  Sadly, like many of this year’s contestants, he seems to know it – making him very slappable.

Måns Zelmerlöw has been frantically retracting his hateful comments for months now and has been working overtime to assert his gay friendly credentials.  He’s even gone so far as to say he might, under the right circumstances “date a man”.

Judging by his onstage performance, I’m assuming that the man he’s thinking of is the man in the mirror.

Because in this performance video, he reminds me of a sort of humourless Robbie Williams (if you can imagine anything more dreadful).  He looks and bounces like a man who badly needs a slap.

Can you begin to imagine what this guy would be like if he actually won Eurovision? Such insufferability does not bear thinking about. Geographically, Sweden is a very big country by European standards, but this guy’s ego would contaminate large parts of it.  For the sake of Sweden then, for the sake of his friends, family, co-workers and neighbours who have to live with and near him, and for the sake of Måns Zelmerlöw’s own long-term moral and spiritual well-being – give this man a slap.

He’s in Vienna at the moment and out of reach of my slapping arm.  So, at the very least, don’t give him any points.

Vote for one these others instead.

(Actually vote for Ireland.  Vote for the country that will (by Saturday evening) have just voted to recognise Same Sex marriage rights.)

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