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Slovenia’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 21, 2015


Marjetka and Raay aka “Maraaya” – “Here for You”.

The chorus to this one repeatedly intones “you’re down down low”.  Which is different from  “on the low down”.  Which means something different apparently.

Now the promo is troubling.  She’s singing.  In the bath.  Which is fine, people do it  – slightly exhibitionist to do it on film – but there you are. Except that it’s snowing.  She’s having a bath in the snow.  And she’s wearing headphones that are plugged into something presumably.  So if she doesn’t get electrocuted she’ll catch her death.  Thank God the song is only three minutes long.

And she’s a parent – she and her non-singing partner (a Eurythmics type arrangement I think) are married and have kids?  Now what sort of example is that to set?  To take a bath in a snow far too close to a switched-on electrical appliance?  There’s no need to be wearing headphones incidentally.  Something we’ve been seeing a lot of this Eurovision.  You should only be wearing headphones if you’re actually recording the song in an actual recording studio.  At all other times, it’s just an affectation – in this case – a dangerous affectation.

Of course, it’s possible that all this danger is part of a deliberate Rousseauian parenting philosophy.  The education of Emile consists not of shielding the lad but rather exposing him to all dangers and letting him find things out the hard way.  “Let the boys try having a bath in the snow while wearing headphones.  Let them get frostbite and/or electrocuted.  That’ll learn ’em.”

In the meantime, Smutty Schoolboy Conrad, who is nailed down in a box next to Nasty Cynical Conrad cannot get over the repeated references to going down down low.  The combination of being “here for you” while being “down down low” has turned me into the adoptive son of Beavis and Butthead.  I’ve tied to purge such immaturities from my sordid imagination, but it can’t be done, short of primal scream therapy or a full blown trepanning.

If you’re traumatised by this kind of smut and/or  this deplorable Slovenian parental example, you might want to browse some of these other songs to calm you down…

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One Comment
  1. Urska permalink

    LOL, that’s the best review of Slovenian video, I’ve read up to date! I would love to hear your comment on their live performance and air violinist! 🙂

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