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San Marino’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 21, 2015


Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola; Chain of Lights

It’s well known that everybody in San Marino gets to compete in Eurovision.  They have a rota.   You need a sick note to get out of the national football team.  And given the extreme youth of these singers (the girl is the same age as the Israeli schoolboy “King of Fun”), it’s likely their turn will come up again at some point.

As usual with the smaller nations, the tourist board pretty much takes over the promotional movie and you get to see most of San Marino in the space of the three minutes.  I’m sold.  I might take a bus.  Did you know that San Marino is named after St Marinus and it dates back to the early fourth century?  It’s about the oldest continuously (or more or less continuously) functioning republic on earth.  Interesting eh?

The song itself, “Chain of Lights” is cute enough, though bits of it reminded me of “Hello” by Lionel Ritchie.  The lyrics are all about making the world a better place by lighting lots and lots of candles.  It’s the sort of gooey unfocused optimism that usually agitates my stomach juices and threatens to rouse Nasty Cynical Conrad from his box.   You can only get away with singing this mush if you are very young and very pretty.  Which these two are.

The boy reminds me a bit of the boy from Grand Hotel Budapest.  Which makes me want to switch off Eurovision and go watch Grand Hotel Budapest

Slightly concerned by the continued reference to the number “a million” (see Russia).  They are to light “a million” candles for peace.  Now quite apart from irritating astronomers when you talk about filling the darkness with light, “a million” isn’t a very useful number.  In any sort of global context, it’s derisory – a million candles lit all over the world would be a damp squid ever – a shoddy birthday cake indeed.  But a million candles for San Marino (which pretty peaceful and prosperous already) would be an excessive undertaking.  Everyone, every man woman and child in San Marino would have to take charge of at least thirty candles.  Which would be annoying.

The tendency in Eurovision to assume that “a million” represents a significant number represents a trouble level of innumeracy.

I suppose you could probably surround all of San Marino with a “Chain of Lights”.  I mean it’s doable.  Probably a bit cheesy though.  Yeah, I bet they had a national plebiscite and voted against it.

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