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Portugal’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 20, 2015


Leonor Andrade

The bunny-boiler make up makes her the second most fearsome contestant to take part this year, after Georgian Warrior.  I’d want to be as far away from her as possible if she doesn’t qualify for the final.

It’s worth noting that Leonor is one of the few people performing in her own language.  If you look up the English lyrics on the Eurovision website, you’ll see how strangely they read.  In fact, it’s because those words are the translation of a lyric rather than the lyric itself, that they look more like a poem.
It’s 3 a.m.
And the rain falls down
On the city streets
Something’s missing deep inside of me

I try to straighten up
No will to do it at all
I’m not myself
If you’re not around

If it’s the sea that separates us
I will dry it with longing
And press you against my chest
In a kiss made of yearning

I still have
Your hands on my face
And the taste of honey
Of your mouth

Crazy was the night
When I met you
Sad was the dawn
When I lost you

If it’s the sea that separates us
I will dry it with longing
And press you against my chest
In a kiss made of yearning

If it’s the sea that separates us
I will dry it with longing
And press you against my chest
In a kiss made of yearning

Song lyrics, just written down as though they were poems, always create a sense of incompletion and dissatisfaction, because musical momentum vindicates clichés.  Since translations from unfamiliar languages are not going to replicate the rhyme or the meter of their originals, the words actually seem fresher.  In fact, this translation from the Portuguese reads far more like something written in English than most of the songs which are, in fact, written in English.

When certain languages become too dominant, then the felicitous art of translation is lost, because when you are translating song lyrics into another language without having to preserve the lyric, then accidental poems are created.

Perhaps all the Anglophone songs should be translated back into the languages of the host nations – at least for domestic purposes. Just to see what startling semi-willed verses might emerge.

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