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Poland’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 20, 2015


Monika Kuszyńska: In the Name of Love

She’s in a wheelchair.  She can’t walk.  Just thought I’d cut to the chase, because I saw the promotional film and got caught out immediately.  I just saw someone lying on the floor in a deserted palace of some kind, browsing through old photos and video footage from Times Gone By and vaguely registering the fact that these mementos were all a bit leggy.  So I had one of those horrible moments at the end where I’d made up my mind that she was seriously irritating and I didn’t like her at all – and then the wheelchair comes into shot just to make me feel bad about resenting what had looked like a lazy life of navel-gazing privilege.

Thought I’d spare you that.

Here’s the thing.  Monika Kuszyńska was seriously injured in a car crash back in 2006 and since then she’s been confined to a wheelchair but determined never to despair and to sing her way back to happiness.

Here’s the film.

Norway’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

Monika should count her lucky stars she’s not living in Britain.  IDS wouldn’t let her lie around that white palace all day reflecting on times past.  He’d be threatening to slash her disability benefits and figuring out menial and degrading jobs for her to do.  Because (says the new orthodoxy), nothing helps disabled people more than humiliation and constant fear.

If you live in the UK and you retain an ounce of compassion and humanity you should consider voting for Monika even if you hate every aspect of this song.  As a Polish woman in a wheelchair, voting for Monika might be construed as a slap in the face for Ian Duncan Smith and Nigel Farage.  And in truth, slapping Ian Duncan Smith and Nigel Farage very hard in the face is far urgent and important than any statement of mere aesthetic judgment.

Incidentally Monika seems to the only person to have taken the 2015 Eurovision theme of “Building Bridges” seriously.  She actually references it in the song.  It must be the equivalent of being the only person to show up to a fancy dress party in costume. I mean, the theme’s pretty vacuous.  At least it sounds better than last year’s theme “Digging Ditches”.

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