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Montenegro’s 2015 Eurovision Entry

May 20, 2015


Knez appears to be an older man who enjoys the company of much younger women.  I suppose that’s his prerogative, but I’m unsure whether this means the rest of Europe will enjoy his company quite so much.  There’s a Robert Palmer feel to this video which carries a slightly bad vibe.  It doesn’t help that these ladies give off a certain pre-programmed robotic Stepford wives vibe.  They echo his words in a peculiar unison.

Montenegro is a small country, and by the end of this video, you’ll feel that you may have seen all of it, especially as we start to be shown some of the same bits from slightly different angles.  Certainly the Montenegran tourist board can feel that they’ve been able to showcase some scenery – which is, after all, much of the point of exercises of this nature.  We swoop down on lakes and mountains and what appears to be a very effectively isolated mountaintop monastery.

See Knez. See Montenegro.  See this video

“Adio” is a song about someone who cannot let go of his beloved.  His beloved came from the sky and has returned to the sky, but is still articulate enough to say that she doesn’t want Knez in her life any more.  And he can’t handle this answer.

Indeed the remainder of the song reads much like the transcript of evidence submitted as part of an application for a restraining order.  Given the smallness of Montenegro, it could well be that the Montenegro isn’t actually big enough for the pair of them.  Knez apparently is popular throughout the Balkans, so if the terms of the (surely successful) restraining order require Knez to leave the country, there will be plenty of people (apparently) still willing to listen to him.

And surely exile will give a certain piquancy to the peculiar form of self-pitying power-ballad that appears to be his special forte.

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